Reply To: Victim shaming is not a winning strategy



Thank you for clearing that up. True, testimony is evidence, albeit arguably weak on its own without further evidence or witness corraboration; and arguably even much more so as time passes. That doesn’t mean it’s not true, nor am I suggesting that statements regarding old alledged crimed are false. Truth is though, we don’t know til we know…

And, I’m 100% for getting to that point of knowledge…and doing so in a mutally respectful, just, and fair manner in accordance with our constitution for both the accuser and -also- the accused until the point of verdict and after proof has been presented. The table at that time. atleast for me, turns on evidence, reasonable doubt and perhaps even circumstances. I won’t judge a case based on an inital accusation or some statistical support. Each case, each victim, each circumstance, each perpetrator is unique.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my view here.