Reply To: Victim shaming is not a winning strategy



The burden of proof is supposed to be on the state this is the law. Convicting someone of a crime that will destroy or end their lives without proof is a crime against humanity just as much as the suspected crime to the same degree. I will not assume a woman is telling the truth and I will not assume they are a liar ether this is how it is supposed to go. Too often men are destroyed by accusations alone so if it ruffles some feathers for me to be skeptical at first I do not care. I read every appeal that gets reversed in Indiana every day. I read this in my appeals opinions today and it really hit me hard our court system is no longer following the constitution in regards to sex crimes it already has happened. The below quote is from a case in Indiana today.

“A conviction can be
sustained on only the uncorroborated testimony of a single witness, even when
that witness is the victim.” Bailey v. State, 979 N.E.2d 133, 135 (Ind. 2012).

If you read this and you are a man you better grow a pair and join the fight or you too will lose it all someday!