Reply To: Washington’s McNeil Island – Civil Commitment Center


Irene Rubio

This is so bad,Why is there a secret prison as only sex offenders are being kept in prison,what about a killer? The sad part is us tax payers are paying the fees for these men to be kept. How is government getting away with this ,its bad enough our Country is being run by a felon of Ken Paxton,yet since 2014 ,he has not gone to Court. As yet Uresti has gone to Court and got his Sentence.These men have completed their time ,yet the state created a new prison called Civil Commitment,How do these people running it and creators sleep at night? This needs to be Dissolved. This is way past Treatment…..Its the State Tax paying it,BUT WE HAVE TDCJ.They need to Stop the Money paying this, Each man is costing $185,000………a year…..Government needs Changes!!!!