Reply To: A new sex offender list: “Make them scared”



@Art. Excuse me! Everybody execpt the sex offender. So actually whats so different. Is it govermental abuse, is it statutorial abuse, mental abuse or any of the following that makes a sex offender different. I am no psychologists and don’t even know how our own brain works at times, but I believe we should know how govermental systems work by now. They are either for one or against one.

So who’s the fall guy or girl if thats the point, some Tom boy type girl or some agressive type college honcho. If we are all guilty than whats NARSOL all about… Dignity and honor for a country and justice and liberty for all. I believe we should all agree with that. Remember we are all just little people but speaking up is very good for all parties for change.

Justice is never sweet or should one give in. Nothing is instant but who has to clean up the dirty diapers , We the people or We the government. Doesn’t one think the USA has been raped enough since Washington’s time., and I’m sure everybody that was ever borned has dirty diapers or are they teflon coated today. Should we all be scared today or feared upon or does the expression.. Nothing to fear but fear itself ring a bell of liberty.