Reply To: Washington’s McNeil Island – Civil Commitment Center


Thats one thing about prisons or penal instutitions. Sure we can all study penology and yes I’m sure anybody in criminology understands that but incurable people that repeat sex offenses or the hopelessly helplesss. What legal mandate is justice today were people are throwaways to society today. If we had legal mandates on thought and deed we would all be their. Its interesting about the sex offender over any other cataorgy of crime, So rehabilitation seems to be in the Sigmund Frued area today.

Even with the small computer catch all schemes does government know what they are really doing to prime the pump if one wants to look at it that way. So were does the physical and mental come into play in society today. Who is abusing to over-abuse one’s status if it involves sex? I wonder who is the master criminal today the one that is two faced or the one that holds the key to Justice. I wonder who’s considered the most dangerous for mouthing off today or should we just surrender all rights and let it go.