Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


I guess a thief needs an explination in any type of hearing judicial or civil . The women weren’t believed, the man or supreme court judge nonimee wasn’t believed of being a lush even though his roomate and people associated with him testified to his character, but leave it up to the powers, if one wants to call darkness that. One wonders who’s the thief and who’s the character assassin for truth today.

So who is a thief today in a sex offender ordeal, the one that plays the harlot role. or the one that is the harlot in government today. So if anything who draws true principals in todays government. Should we all look on the outside or inside of man for this shameful judicial evalutation hearing or is whole thing a lesson in true understanding. Could it be that none of us are squeeky clean except government power.

Narsol this is a big step and I’m glad all this came out in this governmental way. I wonder who is pervereted and who’s the pervert today or do principals even matter. Press on.