Reply To: A new sex offender list: “Make them scared”


Sandy this is shocking, talk about a support group of sex and scare tactic’s. So who’s making who scared and who’s making who intimidated in all this. One should make a site if thats the dot one is looking for. Speaking out is good but an internet platform is loses its fizz at times. Is this the way to do it. Talk about a Gabby Hoffman movement. sorry Abbie. Isnt’ all this justice all about “Proving” a person today. Proving what that we are all equal as some say, that we all are evil and sinful at birth, that someone went on air somewhere and said you can grab em by the pussy and get away with it and than become president.

Is the internet some new wave of false foundation of American Justice or is American justice about to see their character over a lot of this sex offender romp. Yes I use to love to watch American Justice on TV. Seems women want their 15 minutes of fame even if they are annomyous but one can easily find out who one is, if necessary. So who is sliding real proof under the table. Are we all writing sexual novels of encounters today for some yet to be published book of college crimes of the ivy league or college day memorial.

Now I’m not going to step on any women’s toes. This me2 movement is a bit over rated at times. So should one excuse Justice for using some type of plotting or conspiricy scheme to set us up others and make it legal or should we all listen to the many rapes that I’m sure women would like to forget or the many rapes of man voicing out, even in victimless crimes.

Rape does not have to be physical but it is still form is immoral activity or should we question today Who’s Raping America in the Justice System. Should not law be questioned in truth or who holds supreme authority. Are we still a sovereign nation today under God’s rule or man’s rule. Should an “attempt to prove law” be needed in a lot of these issues today. Guess one doesn’t care these days or I don’t remember the past today. Its like a do it and get it over movement today. No wonder they took down the Ten Commandments as Government would like to be 100% right. I guess thats man’s logic.