Reply To: A new sex offender list: “Make them scared”


I know this is going to sound like some wicked, demented thought but imagine for a moment, since this new sexual abuse trend is about nothing more than tearing down MEN in our society and far too many allegations are LIES, imagine pretending to be a victim and posting on that sight anonymously and naming someone who is part of the construction of that site as the perpetrator 🤣😂😂
Yep. That thought went through my mind. Just to stir up controversy so that these idiots who made the site can taste the medicine of modern day witch hunting.

Oh, the temptation!!! (But I won’t do it. I’m just thinking of what a kick in their own asses that would be, since they seem to get some kind of rise out of criminalizing even typical childhood behavior. Oh, the fear! Smh).