Reply To: Sex offender registry sparks Supreme Court debate


I wonder what starts or sparks supreme court debates. Is it the moral or the confessional of the guilt or the logic of man in all these sex offender ordeals. Should all this debate transpose back to one’s unalienable rights or some hook or crook scheme because one party member wants to be right over the other party about how sex offender guidelines should be imposed. Should one put up a no tresspassing sign on one’s conscience, invade it, or should one go back to the make love not war era or get back to absolute truth. So who is the actual victim.

Sure all this supreme court ordeal needs to be refreshed and the government needs to look how foolish they are or is lady liberty still blindfolded more today. Who’s balancing these checks and balances today. Now if courts or even the supreme court did a confessional of law I wonder who is the party taking a nip of gin today.

Is it the battle of the sexists of men on top or is it absolute truth. Should we defends one’s character or have one make us the character they want. I don’t care if it’s a sex offense ordeal or what, who is murdering one’s character today or should we all go ask alice. Doesn’t one believe courts should reason all this out. Even Ed makes a lot of sense when he said I smell a rat or something’a wrong with government.