Reply To: For some Halloween all trick, no treat

Obvious answers

so let me get this straight..
the police states: their job is to protect the anyone on a registry for a sex crime (no matter what the crime really is) must publicly shame themselves and their family’s because it will protect the children..
Ok well then..lets give this idiot police chief a prize for participation and ask him

drunk drivers kill children ..why are the doors not labelled?
murderers…uhm duh..kill people……where is the label..
arsonists start homes on fire and burn people alive…remember protect the children !!!!
catholic priests and congress …..(do we really need to say anything..OBVIOUS protect the children..
drug dealers and users ..addict children and words…….

where is the protect the children sentiment? …..ohhhhhhhhhh.. I am starting to get the picture…your not really trying to protect the children are you?