Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued



@Brian and Cary
I googled my name and crickets?! Only one or two came up.
I wasn’t willing to pay for anything at this time maybe in a few weeks after things have time to settle out.
Me being listed for my offense is one thing and to be expected but I if I am still listed as a registered SO I will have to ask to have that error removed. I paid for one month of service from Been verified but never got anything. Every time I tried it asked for $$$. I canceled. That and I didn’t like always being sent to instant checkmate. after running my info.
I haven’t been on the website since Feb 14th anyway. That was right after Muniz failed cert.
Since Terry filed his brief we have to wait until Nov 1 for a PAAG response. I think they will use all the time just to delay.