Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt

Alexander C Miles

You are so right!
We need to triple the budget of the FBI and US Customs to per, I mean prosecute everyone caught on film from Woodstock. That iconic teenager jiggling her ample pendulous bosoms needs to be put in prison and register as a high risk sex offender for life. By the way – Mich Jagger french kissing David Bowie, now deceased, represents public lewdness – at least registry for life.
All these perverts shagging and streaking through the 60s – it is time that an outraged moral Baptist majority proceed with utmost severity. However, the Baptist Jesus, actually an early FBI agent, precocious as he was, and absolutely not a kike, is merciful. Let them all plead to ten years incarceration and lifetime on the registry!
Praise the Lard!