Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


Man, oh man did I want to stay out of this conversation but this comment….. I sincerely hope there is some sarcasm I missed or something.

Before I proceed, let me say that I am not one of those bandwagon jumping haters who want to string up every person accused of anything inappropriate. Hell, if I was I would still be strung up myself. I liked Cosby back in the day and still today I respect what he did and achieved on television and the stage throughout the years. If any cable channel was brave enough to show Cosby Show reruns I would still watch because it is (still) quality family programming.

Now, having said that, are you seriously suggesting that what he has been convicted of doing is merely drug-enhanced consensual sex? You do realize, don’t you, that he was convicted of drugging these women without their consent or knowledge and then forcing sex on them without consent? Know what they call that in every nation in the world that matters? R-A-P-E. It’s not innocent fun, it’s not okay because he is a celebrity, it is not okay, period. It is a brutal act that many victims never recover from, especially under these circumstances. I don’t care for the nation’s “victim mentality” of late, but these women are genuine victims.

Which brings me to my next point: They deserve justice. All victims deserve to see their abusers punished. That is how civilized community works. Bad deeds are punished. He’s 80-something years old…. So? He did the crime, he owes the time. He’s blind….. So? He did the crime, he owes the time. He will have to spend ten years in seg…. Not necessarily. He will probably spend most of his time in a medical unit due to his advanced age and likely health issues. But even if he does spend 10 years in seg…. So? If it was your daughter or sister or mom that was drugged and raped would you care how much suffering their attacker had to endure? I doubt it. It wouldn’t matter if he was bedridden and paralyzed. He did the crime, he owes the time.

Now, does Cosby deserve to be labeled a Sexually Violent Predator and be made to register for any length of time? He deserves the same post-incarceration punishment that everyone else guilty of a sexual offense deserves: Nothing. No one, after paying their debt, should be subjected to registration and all that it entails. Not even a 80-something year old blind former TV icon turned rapist.