Reply To: Bitterness, hatred, and lifelong repercussions — is there a better way?


@Glen and all. My probation officer dropped by to see me today and only came in the house for a minute or two and he ask me abou what I thought about the Kavenaugh thing. he mentioned about Halloween and not passing out candy and about my co-payment for my polygraph test coming up and I told him its all about the money. You know I wonder what is this thing about lying or should we be a conscience objector to a polygraph test. Is this some forgiviness money racket that one can set up twice a year or something like that.

Whether one has a victim or not I’m sure its about the money. Sure forgiviness is good but when someone sets one up that gets a bit out of line. When he mentioned the Kavenaugh thing I said to him he’s probably a pervert just like you. I guess justice is perverted in a way or should we all invoke our inalienable rights today to put a stop to a lot of this money hungry industry of cops on the internet.