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This also happened to me in Colorado ONCE. I emphasize once because when the officer told me that, I respectfully informed her that that was an illegal search unless she had a warrant, she insisted she had to, and again I respectfully informed her that it was illegal, but I would comply as I had nothing to hide. I let her in as far as the front door, told her she could see everything she needed to see from there. She glanced around, said OK, and left. As soon as she was back in her patrol car, I called the head of the SO unit in Arvada, explained it to him, he agreed with me, thanked me for being respectful, and he would take care of it. He did tell me later that he called her in from her duties, and relieved her of said duties. Yes, she was fired on the spot for conducting an illegal search on my premises. It helps to be on a good basis with those in charge.

On a side note, sometime later the supervisor came to do the search. It was freezing cold in Colorado, and I asked him if he would like to step inside while he completed his paperwork, and he politely declined stating it was absolutely illegal for him to be in my house while conducting this search.