Reply To: Ohio RSOL, NARSOL advocate challenges sex offender residency restrictions expansion


Did all this start with Roe vs Wade or discrimination of housing because of branding one or labeling one or are we a horse with no name? And whats wrong with two sex offenders living together. Would it be any different thant two gays or lesbians living together if you really want to know the truth.Talk about fair housing.
I guess authorities today can tell a person were they can live today as they wield the iron fist or glove today. I wonder who wields the iron fist today – is it still ‘We the People” or is it the Me2 movement or some justice radicals, or is it the democrat or republican big chief surprise. I guess prisoners in there own world have no say. Does the sex offender stand up in the status of life or stand down and is looked over and less or a contribution to society when at the same time they will go to unethically means to snare one in this ordeal to prove that they are top dog.

Ah but here’s the light bulb that comes on, They were looking at kids on the computer or they did somehting inapproate to kids, or we enticed them on the computer in our pretend game of catch and snag. So where is truth, in some bible that some say they have read if from cover to cover or some forgineness that police don’t even understand when they show their vain glory or conquest. So where is human dignity today?

Seems one group can’t get along with the other today and that creates antagonism today in American society. Human relations is human relations. Did we not see some of this with this political wave of an upper crust nature. Should we all say you reap what you sow or who’s doing the sowing today.