Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt



I can’t even read this entire post because I’m just sick of this whole subject and the destruction of our society over sex.
If we’re going to hold this man accountable for things that happened back in friggin high school, then many of us as well as our fathers and grandfathers should just turn ourselves in for ever uttering the TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL BOY words we used to say to girls back then; “But if you loved me you’d ‘do it’”. 🤦🏻‍♂️
This is ridiculous beyond ridiculous. What were these women doing for 30+ years? Living their lives? Having fun times? Vacations in Cancun doing college spring break? And now, all of a sudden, as of out of nowhere, they are stricken with fear as if they’ve been brutally raped and beaten 5 minuets ago. WHAT!!!???

We have a huge problem in the country. And it’s spreading – like the cancer it is – to other countries. It’s called FEMINISM.
Many of you can argue me all day about what feminism was SUPPOSED to be when it started. But I will remind you to look at what it has become. It’s disgusting. I wonder if these women hate their fathers and sons for having penises.

If you don’t already have children – DON’T BOTHER. Your girls will grow up to be career “victims” and your sons will be closet rapists.

P.S. I’m finally done with probation if anyone cares.