Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


Who cares about people playing a footsy game of political hop scotch. Isn’t all this about people and justice. Sure this woman was hurt and also this man. Isn’t human digitny worth anything anymore? Isn’t that what NARSOL is all about bringing back a bit of dignity to the people and also helping others. I am ashamed of America to even go this far with this history of two people and over what some political party wants to control some controling factor in this so called sociaty of moral ethics and political justice. All this goes to show you how people get along today. Dog eat dog. I really wonder who cares about the rape?

One never thinks about the woman that was hurt or ashamed, enbarrssed or should we all just say our peace and go home and say their are no winners. Well in a physical sex ordeal their are no winners only shame. I wonder were consenting adults come in. Look at all of us on here. Is this one big happy family or grass roots effort to get some court understanding of American justice, or to be heard, or have a voice, for some of this dumb antics that are overshaddowed by those with these dumb antics of American Government. Should we all say that hoodwinking and sabotage or conspiring the key to law and justice today in a lot of these internet confidence games. Should we all cry rape both men and woman if thats the case.

Sure I’m sure we are all pretty pissed about the whole registry ordeal. Glen is pissed, Robin’s pissed, the woman are pissed, even Sandy is pissed I’m sure, not to mentioned parents are pissed plus most all that comment on here are pissed. Some of us didn’t even have physical encounters and some did. Did we all lose in this whole ordeal. Yes, some lost jobs over this and are sort of discriminated with a black stain over their chest.

Are all these parlor tricks that government or law enforcement uses to defraud others in this political confidence game of internet justice or should one have to see how controling factors play out on screen where the democrats and republicians want to be overall the best for one’s interest. I would guess one is a democrat they are number one and if your a republican your even greater in America today. I wonder who thinks today in America Justice or is the nation as a whole going downhill and setting up people in the best interest of the people Were is the warning signs or is playing the sex offender game is better than the dating game.