Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


Seth, I think we can agree that further investigation would benefit both sides given their positions. Again, I don’t know what happened. But one way to be sure it isn’t political only, might be that both sides agree if after an investigation, no evidence or corraboration of Kavanaugh assaulting Dr Ford is found, then both sides agree to confirm him. If, however, evidence of guilt is found, he is withdrawn and hopefully prosecuted and another Republican chosen nominee would take his place. Seems, if this is truly about the allegations it would be a reasonable compromise.

But, I suspect neither side is really interested in such a compromise. Many on the left frankly just do not want him on the bench no matter what. And, many on the right want him on the bench no matter what. As for me, I would prefer a different candidate. But, seems if people really cared about the truth, a deal could easily be reached.