Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


I think we’ve seen now with the Bill Cosby conviction, how far society and the courts are willing to go.

If they’d put an 81 year old blind man in prison (and you know he’ll be in “protective custody”-solitary) for 10 years for doing drugs and having sex (and any honest oldsters who imbibed in Quaaludes back in the day will tell you all about those drugs…), they’ll certainly imprison everyone they possibly can, no matter their age, sex, or physical disability.
Next the courts will revisit the “free love” of the 60’s.

If I was a fan of conspiracies, I could believe there was a huge one happening now, but I’m sad to admit that I believe the true culprit is human nature, and that this witch hunt will result in much more death, anguish, pain and suffering before we all tire of it.
There will be many books written about these sad times in American history. Maybe our grandchildren’s children will write them…