Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt



I understand this isn’t a trial. The fact that there hasn’t been one, muchless police involved at all- no report filed, etc – is one reason this bothers me in particular. I don’t know what happened to Mrs. Ford. I don’t know of Kavanaugh is guilty, but I’m going to give him the benefit of doubt until evidence or corraborating testimony is presented. I refuse to assume guilt based on an unproven accusation that could imprison another human or destroy their career. Whether this be a trial, or a well publicized job interview, I’m just not going to do that.

Frankly, I’m no fan of Kavanaugh. I would prefer a different nominee. But, the constitution gives the president the power to nominate; it’s not my choice.

I would support a police investigation and i feel Dr. Ford should request one at this point. And, I would support a delay of Kavanaugh’s confirmation while an investigation was being conducted. If police find evidence of a crime, he should be withdrawn and prosecuted. If not, he should immediately be confirmed. It amazes me still at this point, that this isn’t happening. Dr Ford is willing to go before the nation to accuse Judge Kavanaugh but hasnt filed a police report?

Instead, some on the SJC are urging Kavanaugh to request the investigation. Such a request is the very essence of guilty until proven innocent. Can you imagine? You’ve been accused of a crime, and you’re being asked to contact LE yourself, to investigate you to prove your innocence? Who does that, and isnt that onus still on the alleged victim?

The whole thing reeks of partisan politics in my view. I’m aware of the Metoo movement and the believe survivors motto. But, I don’t agree with, nor am I going to go along with that blanket belief in every case. Im sorry, but I just dont and wont. As unpopluar as my feeling on tgat may be right now, I realize there are men and women who do evil things and should be punished. But I also know there are vindictive men and women who falsely accuse (Duke Lacrosse?). I respect your opinion Seth and agree in part but I’m affraid we just have to disagree on this point.

Regardless, I do sympathize with Dr Ford if her allegation is true, but I’ve yet to see evidence or anyone come forward to say there was even the opportunity. On the contrary, even her friend can’t recall and further states she doesn’t know Kavanaugh. I understand it’s been almost 4 decades and her friend may simply just not remember. I get that too. But ultimately, unless something changes, I have no way to know what happened or if Kavanaugh is to blame. She says yes; he and those supposedly present at the gathering say no. Trial, or job interview….at this point, Kavanaugh moves forward.