Reply To: Bitterness, hatred, and lifelong repercussions — is there a better way?


Sandy may I inquire about this forgiveness. While I can understand the comments from this unrest by aqusation of this lady wanting to speak out about her event and also the ladies that commented about some of her experiences about this rape ordeals on here it is supprising. In fact this came right out of the blue for some as no one expectd this.

Can one really understand the womans experience or view. Man cannot understand a woman’s view because they are not a woman. Its like one person said it takes two to tango. While I give credit to you Sandy that forgineness is good their is still an indepth understanding of forgiveness. Sure we all want to get well and move on in our lives.

Can one really understand the courage of this lady standing up to this man, or this man trying to defend himself to show his true petigree as apposed to hers. Should the phrase look but don’t touch be the norm today in many situations such as this today.

Sure we can all forgive as that is one of the keys that helps bring restoration back to a society and to human understanding. Sure women talk in their circles and so do men in situations like this but an equal relationship is equal. Yes their are good examples and bad examples but in the long run honesty is the best policy and in many cases true justice is what we are all seeking in this sex registry situation.

Yes we all can talk about compounding justice, restorive justice, or liberty without due process but who is playing fact and fiction games in a lot of this registry game. Is all this victim without a cause, an intent to defraud, or woman with a cause. I wonder how some officers and judges or DA’s understand this liberty that is at times immorally unjust today. I can understand why you and Robin wrote that article as it gives view to many in this poltical and immoral atmosphere we all face today for this punitive ordeal that is at times seems unjust.