Reply To: NARSOL’S AR affiliate: “Limit registry access to LE”


All these petty cases do is congest an already cumbersome registry database. If a kid goes missing and law enforcement decided the first step was to shake down the sex offenders on their lists, they’d likely spend days or weeks going through a bunch of Romeo and Juliet’s and come up dry while the kids head is getting hacked off like Adam Walsh. High tier offenders might be a possibility to look at with no guarantees but usually when a person ends up on the registry, his identity and dna are well known so there’s nothing to hide behind anymore. Also the registry accomplish’s nothing to a offenders rehab when jobs shut you out when they find you online or you’re coworker’s expose you to the boss. Relationships are hard to find when you’re first impression is that you’re a psycho rapist and people can’t judge you on who you are, not what you are. Really, the registry is just a ugly thing. Simple entertainment for simple minded drama queens. It needs to be done away with.