Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt



I respect what you stated, and to a degree, agree in part, and truly sypathize. Still, we cannot escape the question of timing in this case. 30 years later and one week before confirmation. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh has sat on many cases and decided already as a judge?

I understand there are many reasons why a victim may not come forward. I do. What many (Perhaps even yourself)may not realize is that many here were victims at one time too…long before they were offenders. The cycle of abuse is real, i assure you. Many here too failed to come foward, and instead made inexplicably stupid, wrong, and hurtful decisions for which they regret and carried forward more hurt. Seems everyone wants to give full understanding why someone might not come forward for decades, but no attempts at understanding how the cycle could continue…But, that’s an aspect that many in the public simply don’t want to hear much less try and understand how it’s possible. That’s not an excuse for offending another, nor in any way justification for causing pain to another human. It’s simply a truth that few want to hear. But if we are ever going to have hope to fix this insanity, both sides are going to have to want to understand how this happens. And, believe it or not we, our families and close ones bleed and hurt just like everyone else.

The point that I feel we are now, especially in this Kavanaugh situation is no different than the Salem witch trials of the 17th century, where an accusation alone ensures a public bonfire; the registry itself is but the same scarlet letter approach from the very same era of ignorance.

My issue with the Kavanaugh situation isn’t that I don’t believe Ford has experienced trauma. I actually do. Im just not sure what the origin or cause of, or who is responsible for that trauma. But, the timing of her coming forward is admittingly suspicious to me. Seems to me she doesn’t want him on SCOTUS but has not attepted to file charges with the police in 30 years or contacted anyone on his previous appointments to the bench. For me, it simply reeks of politics…now, I don’t pretend to understand (I want to) it all but the lack of confirmatory evidence, the lack of (and denial by) witnesses she says were present, and my own personal experiences, forbid me from strapping Kavanaugh to the stake and lighting the fire that will end him, his family and their future.

Accusations can be true, false or partially both. But, how do we know? We just accept them? We nearly did that with the Duke lacrosse team once. Yet, here we are again…we as a society dont seem to really want to learn truth; rather, we prefer to again to strap someone to the stake and strike the match.