Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


So…I just watched Dr. Fords testimony before the SJC. My take on it is, she feels something tragic happened to her and Kavanaugh was the “100%” primary perpetrator.

Yet, a girlfriend of hers that Dr Ford stated was present at the gathering states that she was not at the gathering and she does not even know Kavanaugh. Again, what we are left with is an, admittingly heartbreaking, accusation. There is at this time no physical evidence, no evidence of exactly when this may have occured, no corrobating witness – in fact the witnesses Dr Ford states were present either state no such thing happpened, or that they weren’t even there and do not even know Kavanaugh…

Yet, still…for many there is the presumption Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr Ford when she was 15. I truley hate it for anyone who has ever been sexually assaulted, but if we are going to execute another humans reputation for life, or subject them to imprisonment, justice should require convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt…not, “I just think he’s guilty because she says so”. Before I join the bandwagon to destroy this man’s life, I need some evidence it’s warranted. Call me crazy…Truth is, I don’t even like Kavanaugh as a potential SCOTUS judge because I feel he has shown he typically sides with government rather than people, and I don’t think he will be sypathetic to our cause. But, what if he is truley innocent?

What If the accusation against Kavanaugh were instead, for example, murder?…would we then give him the presumption of innocent until proven guilty? Or would we convict based soley on an uncorrobarated – in fact disputed by many-accusation only? Why is this different? Yet, the consequences are not so different.

” Its a hell of a thing, killing a man. You take away everything he’s got and everything he’s ever gonna have.”