Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


@TG, when you said ” I will wait to see what happens on October 17th to what happens with the Class Action Lawsuit with the ACLU” Well I was looking on the Eastern Courts website and could not find the hearing on October 17th anymore, the I found out from someone on the Acsol’s website and they said that it has been moved to January 9th 2019, for some reason. They just see to keep kicking this case down the road more and more. He did mention they were putting it of because f the election in his opinion. There is a whole article on Does v Snyder on the Acsol’s website dated the 20th or 21st if your interested. I was surprised to see that it is not on this website as well. I hope this makes since to you and everyone else who may be reading this now.