Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt

Carol Salacka

Thank you for this sadly accurate post. I posted a similar message to Kavanaugh’s Facebook page a day or two ago asking him to remember how this feels and to consider that this is, in part, the result of 20 plus years of increasingly onerous laws about all manner of sexual behavior. The emotional intensity feels similar to a lynch mob and I am sure Kavanaugh and his entire family are now seriously traumatized. I posted to my PARSOL board members that we must take this opportunity to contact our state representatives to ask how they feel about this process. I wrote to at least 5 senators about the science of memory, including long ago and recovered memories. As you correctly said, none of us can know the facts. Now anyone who doesn’t say “I believe her/them” is attacked as being against women or is denying that these things happen?? This hysteria should frighten the daylights out of everyone. This is the Me2 movement gone out of control with “news” casters mentioning Cosby and Kavanaugh in the same sentence. It feels sickening to me. Who among us is safe? There are many ways to assess the veracity of claims. These latest accusations (I was 20 and attended these high school gang rape parties ten times where the punch was spiked to make women/girls vulnerable (insinuating they didn’t know it had alcohol in it) and I was eventually ganged raped and no one ever said a word ever to the police or anyone; but Ford was in the house so he should be blamed, seems incredulous. Her refusal to talk to any committee members or testify is telling. This is horrible, but we can make it a teachable moment for our lawmakers.