Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


I was raped 40 years ago n the service. Not only did nobody believe me, nobody cared. Women had no voice; they were chattel. Property. Yet, I am married to a sex offender and hold him above everyone else. On one hand, I am glad that women are finally being taken seriously. I cannot describe the pain I have gone through. Being minimized hurt more than the events themselves. On the other hand, I believe the registry is cruel and unusual punishment, and that people can change. But first, they have to admit where they are wrong. My husband is the one who made me okay with my past and with myself. The me-too movement is not hysteria, and anyone who has been forced to have sex will attest to that. Statistics describe it as 1 in 3. This nation has been constipated since it’s inception and it is finally discharging the beast. It hurts as it rips and tears. Once we area allowed to look at it and see what it really is, things will normalize. There is not just one faction of walking wounded in this country, most of us are wounded. We all need to heal.