Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


Well written! You pointed out everything in the right portion. I a female, was sexually active and so were most of my friends. We started to become sexually active soon after the onset of our mence’s. We all liked the older boys. They were the ones who had muscles, and cars, and jobs, and money. If the statutory sexual offences were carried out in the 60″s they all would be in jail. The older boys even the one I married. I was 16 and pregnant, and married to someone much older. I was able to go to College, and so were most of my friends. Some became Doctors and Lawyers, most became nurses and counselors as well as other important jobs. So when I hear the stories of what happened 20- 30 years ago, like with this case. I say so what, that was 20-30 years ago, they were kids, look at the person now!