Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt


All those that are in tonights show are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now where have I heard that before, Was it bad boys or Cops. The movie was a was so so. Did anyone expect that this Kavanaugh ordeal would happen or go this far. I’m sure some cant see the forest before the trees but thats just how some things go at times. Someone said in the article whatever way it goes, it probably doesn’t matter.

Actually all things matter in a court of law and justice for all should be justice for all,. One should remember these are big ivy league players or should big government just sweep it under the rug. Well those women didn’t think it should be sweep under the rug did they. What was their thought, what was their intent in this whole matter or issue. Was it a Me2 statement of a girls soriety system of today or the true justice of men or boy going bad or was it to get some honor and justice after so long. Should what happened 20 or 30 yrs ago be considered outdated or be a forgoven memory. Folks we are talking about a high office

Should a case like this have not, or should have never came up. Is the status of limitations ran out? While I have been to a few parties off campus when I attended Marshall U back in the 70’s. Should the women be just ashamed as the man if thats the case. Sure I plead guilty to my plea deal even when they tricked me into plea deal or bargain and the DA read all the evidence in court, just as if it was recorded from the internet-set up. What was one going to do lie about it or say no contest or something like that. In fact I was guilty of a potty or naughty mouth.

While one can say whats right or wrong in these issues of human justice, this case does say a lot about American Justice and Courts of law and victims standing up to these shamful situation. How is all this gonna help in this sex offender issue. One has to look at this as an opportunity.

Well lets just say it couldn’t hurt and human value is still human value and people are worth redeeming back into society I would hope. I didn’t really want to bring out any criminal justice issues but this an interesting situation for those that in a situation such as this and it does speak volume to the sex offender issue we all face and also the challanges of this ordeal of human degradation. I hope thats the right word.