Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt

Curtis McPhetridge

The Kavanaugh case is not an FBI case homeland security will tell you that, so people need to shut up about the FBI. As for you Andy you have already convicted him with no evidence. Your just going off what the women are saying. This is a smear campaign to ruin someone’s life and a stall tactic. This samething happened in Alabama earlier this year and once the voting was done the woman disappeared, this is what is going on here. I’m not saying this stuff doesn’t happen because I know it does. My question is where were these women before he was nominated.
The sex offender registration system does not work and needs to be eliminated, because no man is safe and false allegations come up all the time and the man as no chance to defend himself and is found guilty without given a chance. It’s no longer innocent until proven guilty it’s the opposite guilty until proven innocent henceforth destroying men’s lives.