Reply To: Bitterness, hatred, and lifelong repercussions — is there a better way?


While I know I’ve called Sandy the Ma Barker of NARSOL in a joking way, actually Sandy I have to say this is one of the few best articles on here if not the second and that says a lot. I believe everyone is trying to understand these circumstances we all are involved in one way or another.

Sandy are we all striving for true perfection, true understanding of morals or ethical principals in the best way we know possible, or is this some big con job for victims even if their was no victim at all. Is this all one big sess pool of inhuman debauchery today with a president that wants to be perfectly right or does this all affect the status quo of government in high or lower places.

Sure Sandy Forgiveness is blessed but who does one bless today? Now I really don’t want to come down on anyone’s toes as that is not my character. I don’t even want to be the one that has the right answer to all of lifes problem or the one that says who is thy brothers keeper. Now as far as man’s justice one is either gonna live with it or without it. I made a statement to my PO when I got involved with all this and I said “It is what it is until it is what it ain’t, and he said to me whats that suppose to mean. Sandy don’t get me wrong Forgiveness is good but how hard is it to forgive some that betrays one in any type of relationship or encounter.

Are Republicans more of the utopian society today or are the Demoncrats or a bunch of crooks, liars, and misfits today. I wonder who is on the low standards of human behavior today with this victim or non victim sex status. or this true justice playing bline dustice? So is there any true forgiveness for the sex offender in modern society.

One should not down cast one group over another in this true justice of man’s virtue over another. I wonder were is forgiveness today in this political drama.