Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


Agreed. Allegations and the Court of public opinion appears to be the evolution of justice these days.

I mentioned above the disparity of equal justice that exists for defendants, and low and behold a new example came up yesterday. Apparently, Thomas Ravenel was arrested and charged after allegations of rape were made by a former nanny. Additionally, another woman has made allegations about him as well. Thomas Ravenel is the son of a prominent politician in South Carolina. He also served in politics but was arrested a few years back for cocaine. In any event, he was arrested yesterday by Charleston police based on the rape allegation. But this is what I find interesting:

In spite of the police report which, if accurate, clearly shows an attempted rape according to the nanny. Yet, he was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. Just goes to show how those with money and influence are able to manipulate the system. Anyone else would most likely be charged with attempted rape. But in this case….Ravenel was able to “somehow” negotiate the allegation down to a misdemeanor A&B charge which has no sexual inference and therefore no possibility to be placed on the registry of found guilty. American justice…