Reply To: NARSOL’S AR affiliate: “Limit registry access to LE”


Limit sex offender Registry to law enforcement. Glen I never really thought about it that way. Is that like my states bigger than your state in gross income of sex offenders. I never thought about being on the registry as well as the other thousands in this bunch. I don’t think anyone ever thinks about being on the registry.
Sure we can Limit LE to their job but who comes out of the closet today? Should we limit the gay people or does one make a gay a gay. Does law enforcement make one a gay person or do they make a sex offender a offender? There is two sides to every coin. Should we of limited te sex industry to people playing monoply today with youths or just take a trip on LSD users today.
One article on here tells about Intergity and how it has just about faded in the past. Sure being strict is good but who’s playign cops and robbers today. Is it LE in their persuit to clean up the swamp, government going a bit overboard in we want to be a perfect nation or are is this just a controling factor to imprison the minds of those.
Sure I’m against gay, sure I’m against abortion, and a lot of other social things in life today. Now when computer life starts to be a police state and an LE controling factor thats when one has to say. is LE abusing the computer status and using their protect and serve billy club over the internet.
And I thoght drugs were mind alternating or is it pursauding of the fittest if you want to look at in that perspective. Colntroling is important but so is government and at times government takes advantage of situations as in some of these internet witch hunts as we have all said on here. There is one thing about humans and I’m sure everybody knows this. People will take advantage of you if you let them.
One story on here said they gat caught up in this ordeal and he didn’t even have any porn on his computer of kids. So what does one do pass the buck or lie to get out of a lie. These true figures may not even be true figures and government can say anything today to scare the american public. Once confronted LE will do everything they can to back their butts up as thats part of goverment or does one shot first and ask questions later.