Reply To: NARSOL’S AR affiliate: “Limit registry access to LE”


The database has great advantage for the party who controls it\ them. The people worry about Google’s databases and all they contain. Fact is , that firm moved its operations onto ships. Ships are able to move. There is advantages from that choice. If a country began to crack down legally speaking, and limiting Google’s liberty then they can simply move to a nation that is more freindly.

Another truth is our deep state knew about the potential of databases ( as with all new technology) long before the general public. But there was much to overcome considering the people’s general understanding and fear concerning BIG BROTHER and the machines. Machiavelli and Orwell were widely read. The sex offender made the perfect scapegoat for surveillance saints and other government USES of the machine devices.
The reason state wants my and your email address and internet IDS is to impose affirmative disability. The email address goes into a database from which firms like Facebook use to ban registrants. Dating sites also USE the black list to deny service.
The courts in the DOE cases claimed to be striking a balance between public safety and the rights of offenders. We know the use of the ex post is forbidden except as regulatory, but SORNA while officially deemed so by the court was also intended as punishment in retribution or “paying again”.