Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


Interesting day today…by that I mean strange.

On one hand, 81 year old Bill Cosby will most likely be sentenced to prison for decades old allegations and deemed a Sexually Violent Predator . Meanwhile, simultaneously SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh still remains a viable candidate for the highest court in the land inspite of decades old allegations coming to light regarding attempted forced rape and sexual harrassment by, it appears now, atleast 3 accusers…possibly more coming. And, of course, our FBI thoroughly vetted this candidate yet somehow missed all of this.

If the Kavanaugh allegations prove true, it seems to further illustrate how inept, unfair, unconstitutional, and hypocritical our justice system has become.

Finally, What about Bill Clinton and all his alleged victims? What about all the allegations against Trump? I’m not black. I’m not rich. I have no power or influence. But, still I can plainly see there are two kinds of justice in America. Frankly, I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican anymore. Fact is both parties stink in my oppinion. I consider myself a libertarian these days because i have lost all faith and trust in both parties and our political system. They’ve turned the “Great Experiment” into a two party nuclear lab tragedy. They have twisted the old idea of “Justice is blind” into the new meaning that lady justice merely has an occasionally mild case of glaucoma…and with that, I say welcome to our world “Your Honor”…Mr. Brett Kavanaugh. Yet, if the allegations prove true, will we find his name on the registry? Doubtful…