Reply To: NARSOL’S AR affiliate: “Limit registry access to LE”


IN the Doe cases SCOTUS failed to recognize congresses creation of an electronic market of information. It’s not hard to believe the creation of such information markets were capitalized upon, to the advantage of some, and the detriment detriment to others. All to easy for Surveillance Saints who claim more perfect information leads to a more perfect union. To understand notion of perfect information in markets one needs to understand macro economic theory. What Congress did in OMNIBUS94, was in fact common and well defined behavior known as “rent seeking.” That is, making law to guarantee future business by capturing a market. To pass Congress, a bill needs to placate only two major groups: Big business AND a big labor. SORNA boondoggle guaranteed each would profit politically and financially. I can expose it some in an FTR. How much can be exposed is correlated to the amount of leeway a judge allows a pro-se defendant!😁
IMO, it was always about the potential of the DATABASE to SECURE. (But what?) Would hacking of poll tabulation be an issue IF Americans had opted for paper ballots? Certainly not!

There is a price to pay concerning real liberty when one opts for electronic convenience. Online bankers risk period when they realize it or not. Identity protection available IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT.