Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


@ Glen I’m glad you chimed in on that remark… the scent of a woman, course I wouldn’t of used that statment as women want to stand up for rights as well in a lot of this. And this intergrity thing, well what should we say troday “Honor amoung thieves”.

Even Brenda Jones feels all this is wrong in a way, and Robin feels a lot of this is wrong. Sure its about intergrity and conducting oneself but being duped is a bit depressing to all involved. So one has the physical aspect of no only the court systems running amuck but also the challange of the internet encounters vs the reality aspects of the encounters.

Should we all say if Atlanta is not burning don’t worry about it. I can see why the blacks get upset and the indian’s and other races. Even the whites don’t seem to have any accountiblity today. Some preachers can run amuck but thats fewer in number if their are following their principals and understand that I am human. Sure we should all be able to live our lifes free.

Sure we can all do bad mistakes along the way of life like steal, break ends, get mixed up with the wrong croud, falsfy letters, even blackmai, but when it comes to who’s who that is a sex offender are we all sex offenders in a way or do we offend in though and deed? So who really is the victim in this court room setting today. Is it letters of refferrences talking up for a person or the one that abuses their authority in a court of law or even the abuse of a child.

Do you know if you paddle a child today one can get tossed in jail if that child goes to school and says my dad paddled me or something like that. Now they are using this for internet purposes to correct one. I wonder who’s playing “Black sheep Squardronz” today in this pridish game of man’s conquest of others and the punishment. Sure a little bit of punishment doesn’t do anyone any harm but we all learn and court systems are no different. I’m sure Robin can tell one a bit about court systems also.

Since I been on probation I have been violated one time and thats for saying in a polygraph test I was on facebook to sign up to do phone campaigning for Donald trump. Maybe I shouldn’t even done that but I thought Trump might be a change for the USA and now look at what it is today.

As far as this sex registry it is way out of line when they offer a plea deal because they themselves are breaking the law and if they testify it would have to be bearing false wittness to acheve their means in a court of law in many of these sex offender ordeals or are we all still carnal by nature. Talk about a hurricane and intrgrity. yes I have to laugh sometimes to with this sex issue.

Where did the Up with people culture go.. Now its the Me2 movement, so who’s fair today in this bias American justice?