Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


@JZ, Obvious Answers,

I refused a plea offer of “deferred prosecution” in 1992 and demanded trial by jury. The charges against me were false. I know better than most how easy it is to shift burden in sexual assault case, especially cases which involve kids. That is how wrongful convictions occur so often that innocence projects, and conviction integrity units have long ago became necessary. By default that should be setting off alarm bells to the general public but not much is made of it. That fact says alot!
JUST LIKE……ahhhh just another school of work shooting. Talk about a numb group.
As far as plea agreements go, I agree people do get punished by plea process, as they should for hurting another, but too often 4 felonies become 1felony. Or 1felony and 5 misdemeanors by plea turn into 2 misdemeanors. It’s the side effects of that process that play a role in the rage expressed by the revenge motivated father. Simply put, no meaningful processes (public trial), no catharsis! No punishment no delta.

Do DAs unconscionably use threat of incarceration, Yes! My latest FTR, I was threatened by DA himself pretrial with 980, civil commitment of, if I didn’t plea to failure to provide. I told him prepare for trial! I will do so again.

The ugly truth is, not only can good citizens be made felon for the wrong doing of another, the citizen can also suffer ad nauseam ex post punishments justified inaccurately & in an invalid manner by so called truth finders. Too many of the numb and dumb do not see the obvious insanity of taking the short run view at the expense of long term survival. I believe our constitutional republic is long gone. Who needs it when you have a database?