Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


Jerry: she was not a “hot” teacher. She was a mess.

And the people who spoke on her behalf where administrators of a high school. They took this relationship way to lightly and then tried to defend Kristy as if she was the victim. so while she is sitting in prison with her slap-on-the-wrist I hope that she thinks about the lives she destroyed including her children and all these careers that she ruined. if she had been a male should be doing 20 years and we wouldn’t be defending her in this public forum. She begged the court to think about her children when passing sentence on her. I wonder if she was thinking about her children when she was having sex with a teenager in her marital bed feet from where her children sleep at night.

Just to reiterate the people who defended her in court deserve to lose their jobs. all of them.