Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


Sandy I think you opened up a great topic with this article and I have to commend you even though I still think your the Ma Barker of NARSOL. I have enjoyed these opinions on this article. A lot of comments are expressing truth and a lot are trying to understand this whole issue.

Tyrus hits us with a bible scripture and We the people hits us with who is the victim? So who is the victim… We all are. Course Tyrus sort of thru me off with a bit of karma terminology.

Sure we are all victims when we drive drunk or steal something or piss someone off or go into court and punch someone out. Is the president a victim of his own doing? are the courts a victim of their own doing? One doesn’t have to have a victim to be a victim, so who misleading today.

I wonder if we are all punished for our good deeds or misdeeds in society today. The example Sandy used about the Preacher and the puncher can tell one who’s the victim or should we all lash out Good example Sandy.

While erasing the hate is good and one can use values that are good. And I know Barbara doesn’t want us to use religion as this is a form type of discussion and religion can be up to each individual and is a bit personal to each other, but principals are always good.

Now here we have Robin mixed up in this. This Pastor that photographed teenagers taking showers, Indifferences in letters to speak up about a persons character and confusion abounds in this confusion. Public notices should inform the American public how justice is treating one class of people.

Look at our president today and most of the people that voted for him look at him as Making America Great. where is the ironic answer to this? Myself I have said on here I don’t want to win but I do want to prove and thats what we all should strive for.

Sure NARSOL is in their to win some battles for us but we as upright citizens seemed burned by this system of fair justice to all. Talk about equal opportunity when trying to get employment for having a potty mouth or being indifferent to the status quo. Reminds me of the time when the drug culture was in force in the 60’s

Of course the drug scene is bad business but it seems the sex offender is the worst of the worst. Lets change that people and I think its time for a change.