Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk



I respectfully disagree that no plea should be allowed in felony sex cases and that they should be tried by jury. No other crime category evokes the hatred that sex crimes do. IMHO, no one accused of a sex crime can get a fair trial by jury since a truly impartial jury could never be assembled. What surprises me is that stiffer sentences are routinely given for possession of child pornography than for actually sexually assaulting a child. That’s crazy. What defendant would take a chance of going to trial for such possession when he/she faces five years per image? But even when taking a plea deal, I also respectfully disagree that “…the assailant never actually gets the punishment deserved…” I’m not aware of any other crime category, save murder, that would give a 15 year prison sentence followed by 20 years of probation followed by a lifetime on a registry which makes it near impossible to find a decent place to live and to get and keep a job. What more punishment would you like to see?