Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk

Tyrus Young

To the crowd attacking a sex offender of the 1st century, Jesus remarked, “Let he without sin cast the first stone”.

More recently, a former pastor of mine (commenting about the church’s view of homosexuality) stated, “Hate the sin, Love the sinner”.

The lesson taught by both of statements centers around the concept that a person is more than a particular behavior or event. This is supposed to be the concept behind letters or testimony made on behalf of those at a sentencing hearing. A person is far more complex than any particular label.

I would question the firings of supporters of Ms. Torbick as being a violation of their First Amendment rights if that is the only basis for their terminations. If their support was merely for the self preservation of their own complicity in the event, it makes a little more sense, but ultimately amounts to a lack of due process.

I sure hope those behind these actions are perfect… karma can be hell.