Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk

Sandy Rozek
Sandy Rozek

Your exception is noted, and certainly you are free to support or not support whom you wish, but I believe that you may be missing the point. This piece is not asking for support for Kristie Torbick. It is asking for support for the respect of testimony on behalf of the convicted equal to that given to testimony on behalf of the victim. I disagree that it is appropriate to call into question the character of those giving testimony; no attempt is made or allowed to call into question the character of those speaking for the victim. And what was done and is being done in the aftermath is not calling into question their character. It is calling into question their right to even offer support, and THAT is what this piece addresses.

You must also recognize that your statements regarding Ms. Torbick’s manipulation skills are totally your opinion. Not ever having met or interacted with her (as I presume you have not), I do not feel qualified to form an opinion about her; however, I have doubts that so many people in so many different phases and times of her life could have all been so universally fooled by her. She would have to be a charismatic manipulator on par with Hitler.