Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk


For the record I am a former Registered Sex Offender. I do not and have not ever denied committing the crime of which I was convicted. However I strongly disagree with the registry and it’s implications for convicted sex criminals to get on with their lives. And I strongly disagree with the attitudes that have arisen over sex crimes. Sex criminals have become the easiest target for our hate to flourish. It appears that the public does not ever give any kind of personal support for us. We are easy to hate and it is just as easy to hate people who may support us. I have been in court ordered sex offense counseling and met many individuals who I would trust with my life. We need to change the public’s perception of us. I also do not believe that we should vilify the public’s reaction. We have committed crimes. Lashing out st their anger is wrong and foolish on our part. Sex offenders are not saints Nor unredeemable sinners. They are people who made mistakes and just want to live their lives in peace and regain some sense of self respect.