Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk

Timothy DA Lawver

@Judicial process integrity.
Several conviction integrity units are being used in a few states. My state has none to my knowledge. I had a conversation in open court with judge in FTR case.

Me: Judge I heard a judge in 1992 tell me I’d a 5 years commitment to the state and they (DA) are now turning it into life! Why would I believe you today? You can see for yourself the judgement notice to the department of corrections says not to exceed 5 years consecutive. Where’s the one that says I got a life commitment? That IS the less evidence as in Calder V Bull .4 (1892), and he knew it too. After trial judge suddenly took medical leave, when he’d said he’d hear my appeal on constitutional ground. When the date came around I showed up to find a replacement judge on the bench. On my mom!

Mr. Kaepernick knows exactly what I’m talking about with Wisconsin’s legal system.