Reply To: Warning: Integrity of judicial process at risk

Timothy DA Lawver

The father’s rage was motivated by something else under the surface. He felt betrayed and thus presumed the sentence hearing was about his daughter. That is a result of every plea out case! If a trial by jury had ensued, as our founders set forth, the girl could have been heard and her father placated somewhat. There is catharsis in a trial that a plea out always lacks. Worse yet, the assailant never actually gets the punishment deserved, as other charges are often dropped. That was the reasoning behind courts adopting victim’s advocate administration in the first place.

IMHO no plea should be allowed in felony sex cases. All victims should testify in an open and public court. Taping can be used for the very young to keep them off venue. That way all facts are made public, and appropriate actions taken. Anonymity may not fly either if complainants demand official state legal action. For a nation who claims to demand transparency we sure do hide a lot of stuff. Especially when it comes to naked human bodies, until we get over that aspect we go only backwards. Proof is in the pudding. Akin to treason.