Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued



I saw this in your 339 MD 2018 case

Filed Sept 18th:
upon consideration of petitioner’s September 13, 2018 “Request [for] Oral Argument Before Panel** Application**[,]” the Request is denied.
It appearing that petitioner’s Application for Summary Relief is fully briefed,
the Chief Clerk shall submit the matter to a panel of the judges for disposition on the

It further appearing that petitioner’s May 9, 2018, “** Notice to Defend**
[Pa. R.C.P. No.] 1081.1 Request Expired Former Megan’s Laws After 04-19-96 &
Before 12-20-12 Be Ordered Inapplicable To Apply to Act 10 Registration
Requirements” seeks the same relief that petitioner seeks in his Application for
Summary Relief, the May 9, 2018 filing is dismissed as moot.

I’m not great with the law, but that doesn’t sound great at first glance…. No oral arguments, just going to read the paperwork, and they’re dismissing the expired Megan’s law stuff? Isn’t that kind of the whole point to your case?