Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


@ Mark,
Every one who is required to report once a year was covered for 2018 by their Act 10 registration in May. Of course, ANY changes negates this and you have to go in.
Be patient my friend. They are doing what they need to. They might be taking a month to do a 20 min job, but they ARE doing it. They are NOT happy about it but they will comply with whatever it is they have to do. Just don’t hold your breathe.

I have 4 friends that have received their “you do not have to report” letter. I am on until July 2020, I hope that is enough time for them to find my file, review it and process it. If not, the very first business after my time is done, I will be at the courthouse. I promise you that. It seems like last week I started my registration. It has been over 8 years. Time flies!!

Anyway, chin up my friend!!! It will come.