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Thank you all and I shall keep the letter in my safe. I got my letter today. Word by word at exact way I shall put it on here without my last name. Letter reads:

Re: Sexual Offender Registration

Dear Mr. Cary xxxxxx,

Registration of sexual offenders within Pennsylvania occurs in accordance with Megan’s Law, 42 Pa. C.S. Chapter 97. Individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses or Individuals who are required with the Pennsylvania State Police.

A review of your conviction record has revealed you are no longer required to register as a sexual offender with the Pennsylvania State Police at this time. Your information has been removed from the public website effective the date of this correspondence. You are no longer required to verify or report a change of your address, employment, schooling, or other required information to the Pennsylvania State Police. However, in the event you travel to or reside/work/attend school in another state, you may be required to comply with the sexual offender registration requirements in that state. It is recommended you contact the agency responsible for sexual offender registration outside of the Commonwealth when leaving Pennsylvania to acquire information that is applicable to your status. The FBI website is: .

Questions concerning your personal legal situation should be directed to your legal representative.


Sgt. O.E. Towels
Megan’s law section